Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

Today has been a busy day and I haven't even made it to my craft room yet.  My work started in the kitchen, made three meat loaves, two kinds of mac and cheese and a salad.  Two of the meat loaves I put in the freezer, we had one for dinner.  I will post the recipe for the one mac and cheese, it was good.

Jim went to the doctors today.  He has syatica, (I think the spelling is wrong).  In other words he hurt his back and leg muscle.  the doctor said it should be good in about two week.  She gave him a prescription.  It is hard when he is not feeling well because he is not able to be active and Jim is a go getter, especially during the summer.  He likes being outside (when it is not to hot).   Please keep him in your prayers. 

I will be posting another scripture reading hopefully tomorrow.  And I will post the mac and cheese recipe in the recipe section of my blog.


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