Monday, September 10, 2012

From Sunny Callifornia

Hi Everyone,

Here I am in sunny California enjoying being with my daughter and her family.  It is so good to see my granddaughters.  We are having fun together.  This week I will be doing some crafts with them as part of their homeschooling.  It is so wonderful to see how well they are both doing.  Tiffany also has a field trip planned to the Santa Barbara Bontanical Gardens and to the St. Inez Mission for history and science.  Kristina and Abigail are getting a truly wonderful homeschool education that not only includes book work and worksheets but hands on activities.  I am truly amazed at how bright they are.  Kristina is reading so well, it is one of her favorite things to do.  Among her reading activities she includes many of the classics.  Abby is doing so well not only with her printing but her math as well.  I have gone over both of the girls work sheets and I am so proud.  For their Bible class they are doing Keepers at Home which is a curriculum that teaches young girls how to take care of the home and the different activities that are involved in doing this.  Many of the activities involve sewing, crafting and cooking.  They are also involved in homeschool co-op groups where they get together with other homeschoolers and learn science and history that enhances what they are learning in their classes at home.  The girls are also involved very heavily with 4-H.  I am also very proud of my daughter and her commitment to making sure her daughters get a proper and Biblical education that will bring glory to the Lord and help them become the woman of God that they were meant to be.  I am also proud of my son-in-law and the support that he gives to Tiffany and the girls in these activities and education.

Well it is time for me to close.  Have a support day.

Hugs from sunny California,

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