Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!

That is right it is snowing again.  We have probably 2 inches right now and we are to get 4 - 8 inches when it is all said and done.  I got alot of housework done today.  This afternoon I have been working on a mini cardstock album.  When I am done I will put it up on YouTube.  It is a summer album that I am going to use for the pictures I will take of my flowers this summer.  The Lord is so good, he really makes the garden flourish.  I give him all the glory, he is the one that makes it grow.

Check out the pictures I just posted on my blog.  The are of the Altered Wedding Canvases that I did and the two mini Toilet Tissue Albums I did.  I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to create works of art.  i couldn't do it without him.  Thank You Jesus!


  1. I love all the new stuff that you have done. The altered wedding canvas is gorgeous!!! The girls' albums are adorable!!! They will love them!!!

  2. Janet, your altered canvas is beautiful. God is so good to us to give us the gifts and the provision to be able to create. Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed day! Thanks for the comment on my anniversary!