Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday: Resurrection Day

Hi Everyone,

What a great day I am having with my family.  Church was wonderful.  The message was awesome and the singing was the best.  I so enjoy my church and the people that are there.  The message was on II Chronicles 24, about young king Joash and the mistake he made in his later life not following the Lord and what eventually happened to him.  Made me think and I praise the Lord for messages like this.  I look forward to tonights message and what the Lord wants to teach me.  Got to see Jennifer and her family in church today.  It was great seeing Addison and Alexis.

Well I will close for now.  On the right is some pics of my tea cup pin cushion.  I saw a video a few weeks ago about these and I wanted to try and make one.  What nice gifts these would make.


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