Sunday, January 12, 2014

Personal Struggles

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great day today.  As the title says I am having some personal struggles.  I can not share them but I am asking for your prayers.  Praise the Lord for the most wonderful husband in the world show loves so very, very much and listens and is always there for me.

Yesterday Jim and I attended the annual Pro-life breakfast.  It was so good to be with people who not only love the Lord but love the pre-born babies.  We were able to fellowship together and pray together and share a beautiful breakfast together..

Today we went to church this morning and our granddaughter Dulcie attended her first church service.  I was able to show her off a little but her Mom and Dad were so proud to have their daughter with them in church.  Everyone loved her and thought she is the most beautiful baby.  I said, yes she is she is a November.  I think she slept through it all.  She is a good baby.

Well I hope everyone has had a great Sunday.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  You are always welcome at Nana's parlor.  Stop by any time.

Love, Hugs and God Bless You,
Janet (Kristy, Abby and Dulcie's Nana)

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