Monday, April 21, 2014

Waking to the Birds

Hi Everyone,

It's Monday and the birds woke me this morning.  I love it.  I love to hear the birds singing in the morning. That is what I love about spring, because in the morning I wake to the singing of birds.  When summer comes the windows are closed and the AC is on and nature is shut outside.  Also this morning and even now the sky is blue, the sun is shining and it is absolutely beautiful out.  It is suppose to hit 72 degrees today, nice.
Next month Jim and I will be buying plants for the garden and also flowers to plant.  Some of our bulbs are blooming and looking good.

Well today I put all of the Easter decorations away and cleaned up the kitchen.  I am also doing the laundry. Jim is outside working in the yard.  He loves it.  Our canopy is up so we will be sitting outside a lot now.  We love this time of year.

Well I better close for now.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting me here in Nana's Parlor, you are always welcome.

Love, hugs, and God bless you,
Janet (Kristy, Abby, Dulcie, and Ngan's Nana)

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