Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It Has Been A While

Hi Everyone,

Yes it has been a while since I have post.  I have been really busy.  Last week Jim and I went on vacation and all of May and now June I have been taking cake decorating class with Wilton at the Michael's at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.  I will also be taking classes in July and probably August.  I have been having a great time.  This Sunday at church my son and his wife are hosting a bake sale fundraiser for a missionary couple from our church.  They have asked me to bake cupcakes so I will be able to apply some of what I have learned.  Sometime next week I will post pictures and recipes on my kitchen blog.  I will let everyone know.

Another one of my adventures that I am involved in is the knitting ministry at church.  Well it is more than knitting, it involves other sewing skills.  We mainly make baby blankets for new babies that are born in our church, we make hats, scarves and gloves for those kids who ride our buses to church and we make lap blankets for those in the nursing homes.  Our big project we are working on now is making blankets for the missionaries who will be attending our missions conference in October.  Each of us in the group is making a blanket for a different missionary.  I will be making one for one of our missionaries to Japan.  As a group we are making a wall hanging for the guest speaker, Dr. Sisks and his wife.  I will take pictures when every thing is done and post them here, probably some time in September or October.

So as you can see I have been busy, but I am loving it.  Well I am going to close for now.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  You are always welcome here in Nana's Parlor.  Stop by anytime.

Love, hugs, and God bless You,
Janet (Kristy, Abby, Dulcie and Ngan's Nana)

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