Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Backyard Sanctuary Chapter 1

My favorite rose bush in our backyard.  Enjoy the pictures below  of our backyard.

Hi Everyone,

What a gorgeous day it is outside.  The sun is beautiful and the sky has pillowy white clouds scattered across  its baby blue hue.  The birds of course are singing their daily songs as they fly from tree to tree.

The day before yesterday I took some pictures of our backyard, especially around the one rose bush.  I love roses.  Their scent is intoxicating, their softness as a satin pillow, and their rich red color just bright up the yard.  I just have to share these pictures with you all and I hope they will bring a smile to your face.

Please enjoy my roses and the pictures of our little sanctuary we call our backyard.

Love and Hugs,

PS I will do a post tomorrow with pictures of our irises and more backyard pictures.

You can see through the rose bush out patio with the canopy.

When I took this picture I was standing under the oak tree.
Here I was standing on the other side of the rose bush looking up at  the oak tree.

A rose from the rose bush.

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