Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Blue Sky

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write a post to share with all of you about the beautiful blue sky out side and the great outdoors right out side my window.  Here in Vandergrift, PA the sky is blue with a wispy hint of white clouds.  The birds are singing their songs and the grass  is every so green.  When I think of color I think of the great outdoors.  If you want to know what a true blue or green or yellow or any color of the rainbow all you have to do is look to God's great creation.  Man tries to duplicate these colors and does quite well I would say, but the true colors can only really be found in nature, those things created by God Himself.

If I want to see a true blue I can look at the sky, the oceans, or a blue jay.  If I want to see a bright red, I look at the roses that grow in my garden, the tomatoes that are harvested in August or the cardinals that come to visit.  And yellow, my yellow irises that last only a short time but brighten my garden is a beautiful pale yellow.  A brighter yellow is when the yellow finches visit the feeders each summer.  The color green is especially predominate in our backyard.  Green is the grass now and all spring and summer long.  As summer progresses the vegetable garden will show its many shades of green with hints of red, yellow and orange.   I could go on and on about the colors that God graces the earth with.  I invite you to go outside and just take in what lies before you.

What colors do you see today?

Love and Hugs,

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