Saturday, April 20, 2013

About the Change in Format

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post to let everyone know about the change in format of my blog.  I was starting to get a lot of photos and I wanted to condense them down but still show you what I am doing and creating.  That is why I have gone to slideshows.  Most of the slideshows will be of my everyday life and the photos on the right will be what I am creating.  I hope you like the change and enjoy the slide shows.  There will be times when I upload slideshows to my YouTube channel as well.  Eventually I would like to do videos where I can  talk to all of you and you can see me (maybe).

Right now I am working on some chunky charms and their display boards for a swap over at (MAS) minialbumscrap.  I am having a lot of fun creating them.  Another thing is a altered DVD that I am working on as well.  Eventually I am going to do a mixed media canvas and continue working on the scrapbook pages I started.  As I get these things completed I will do videos and post pictures.

Well I must close for now.  There are things that need done.  It is always so good to share my thoughts and and things I do with all of you.  Have a super great day.

Love and Hugs,

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